Mile .1 The First Petal Falls

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Mile .1 The First Petal Falls

Today is my birthday. It is also German Reunification Day–the day they began tearing down the Berlin wall. This was a time in which Americans celebrated the tearing down of walls and nothing was considered less American than trying to build one. My sister still has a chunk of the Berlin wall–just a broken bit of concrete with blue and red paint from graffiti on one side. This blog is intended to state clearly what we all see happening before our eyes–racism and fear are being used to create a phony sense of fear from our southern neighbors. These bullies claim they are only interested in “illegal” immigrants–ones that are violating our laws. This is a lie that is easily unmasked by the recent attacks on refugees attempting to legally apply for status–as is their right under international law. Attempts to cut the overall number of refugees allowed in the country, to cut in half the legal path to immigration in the country, to tear apart families, and to criminalize poverty are all part of this twisted plan to return to a utopian time where Americans were all white, christian, and male. Such a time never existed–this blog is my official chance to stand up and say, “we see what you are doing!” We say NO!

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