Mile .5 By Gabbi

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Mile .5 By Gabbi

There are all different people in this world.
Some people have a flag.
Some people have a rag
Some people feel they have a god so they originate
But that’s no need to discriminate
So many people still judged by their race
Some feel they don’t have a safe place
People deserve a chance in the world to not be judged
It’s fair because they are one of us
Some people want a life that is simple and free
Just like what we want for you and me
Life is not about violence and hate
So you should sit back and considerate
People live, cherish and love in their own ways
So why are we fighting when we could praise
So think next time someone says something that isn’t right
Or racist or discriminating someone
Tell yourself someones swell, just feel
That’s another story someone will tell
No Limits
By Gabbi

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