Mile 1.1 Caravan Coming

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Mile 1.1 Caravan Coming

So, a couple of thousand people are heading North looking for a better life. One that does not include drug gangs raping their daughters, shooting their husbands, murdering entire families while the local authorities turn a blind eye out of fear of being attacked themselves. A country that needs three million new workers a year for the foreseeable future could absorb these hopeless masses without a ripple. Yet, our fearless leader, leads with fear–these are terrorists funded by the mortal enemy of the American people–the democrats! I know what these men and women and children have done in order to plea, as is their legal right under international law, for refugee asylum–they have walked thousands of miles for a chance at the light. What was it that we did to earn our right to be an American, oh, that’s right, we were born here! I am not a christian, but was raised Catholic. I remember quite a bit in the mass about the “least of my brothers.” I am certain that if Jesus were here now he would never stop slapping some of his evangelical brothers!

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