Mile 1.8 by R. Rex

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Mile 1.8 by R. Rex

This is not the America I signed up for.

He said: I like him, he does everything he said he would.
She said: He said he would do terrible things.
He said: A man of his word—courageous.

She said: He said he could grab my pussy.
He said: locker room talk.
She said: What locker room?
He said: Well, we all talk like that
She said: You all talk like that?
He said: When we are alone—you know, with each other.
She said: You all talk like that?

He said: He is protecting our borders.
She said: What about the mothers, torn from their babies until their milk runs as dry as the 2000 miles of desert that they have walked?
He said: invaders, a pestilence, terrorists.
She said: The poor, the huddled masses?
He said: That is what water cannon are for.

She said: You know that his judge attacked that girl.
He said: He was only a boy!
She said: An excitable boy?

She said: What about your soul?
She said: What about America?
What about hope?

He said: You bitches are all alike.

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