Mile 2.5 by James Kingman

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Mile 2.5 by James Kingman

Wow. Babies in cages?

Orion Lost

What I don’t Know about the Stars
Orion is the only constellation that I always recognize
Sometimes I think I see Cassiopeia, but a lot of shit looks like a “w”
Sure, I see the dippers, but only in the baby sense—the bears still elude me

What I see in Orion Is the, belt, the, sword, and sort of arms and legs
I don’t know anything else
Was he a hunter?
A Spy?
The King hero—ripper offer of arms?
No idea

Shut the fuck up
I know I could google it and be
Aware of all the details imagined by some
Wikipedia menace, but that isn’t the point

In tenth grade I read Kierkegaard, Jasper, Sartre, and Nietzsche
Not bragging, but I am not behind the crowd
The thing is Orion is a perfect symbol for this life
What else do we see but barely understand

The economy, race, power, class, gender
What are the shadow powers that guide us?
Should I look up the details of Orion?
Or continue to let fear be the guiding star?

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