Mile 3.0 by Ed Lessor

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Mile 3.0 by Ed Lessor

A recent essay in Slate Magazine details how the Supreme Court has made life even less tolerable for immigrants in the U.S.A.
Supreme Court Disregards Due Process, Allows ICE to Detain Certain Immigrants Indefinitely

Stern details how the court used a cruel twist on a law from the 1980s to go after illegal immigrants that have served time for any number of minor infractions:

The Supreme Court delivered a brutal blow to immigrants’ rights on Tuesday morning, ruling that the Trump administration may detain unauthorized immigrants indefinitely once they have been taken into criminal custody.
Its 5–4 decision permits the government to arrest and imprison undocumented individuals who were released from custody years, even decades ago.
Even immigrants convicted in the distant past of a minor crime, like possession of a stolen bus transfer, may now be apprehended and detained without bond.
To reach this result, the court’s conservative justices manipulated the plain text of a federal statute and ignored basic principles of due process.
Their decision hands Immigration and Customs Enforcement even more power to terrorize immigrant communities, suspending due process for certain unauthorized immigrants snatched up by ICE.

Even the already brutal application of due process that has been eroded day by day by this administration seems to have carried too great a burden of justice. Indefinite detention for crimes already accounted for in the American Gulag.

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