Mile 3.4 by Les Fam

Trump Rope Song Donald Trump went to the Hill But they wouldn’t pass his bill Emergency Declared instead Next day the newspapers read Trumpy made himself a deal How many billions will he steal? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 Jump the rope Jump the rope Build a wall Extinguish hope …

Mile 3.0 by Ed Lessor

A recent essay in Slate Magazine details how the Supreme Court has made life even less tolerable for immigrants in the U.S.A. Supreme Court Disregards Due Process, Allows ICE to Detain Certain Immigrants Indefinitely By MARK JOSEPH STERN MARCH 19, 20194:39 PM Stern details how the court used a cruel …

Mile 2.9 by Prickly Pear

I would like to build a wall of succulents and cacti to celebrate the desert rather than a wall to further colonize the Americas.

Mile 2.8 by T J

These flags fly in the August Wilson Cultural Center in Pittsburgh. They would make a better welcome/dialogue banner than a foreboding wall. We can do better.